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Dig error is an option when using different coaching stat programs like istat. Personally, I will indicate a "dig error" when I am using istat to indicate one of my players shanking a dig that rewards the other team with a point.

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What Is A Dig In Volleyball. A BALL THAT HAS BEEN TOUCHED BY BLOCKERS how it's done. ATT Attack Attempts Total number of blockers, but may occur occasionally with three blockers. In general, a blocking error only How To Calculate Volleyball Stats The average number of serve receptions successfully completed per game.

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A down ball in volleyball is when someone attacks the ball from a standing position instead of jumping. This is usually when someone on the back row hits the ball. You can remember this by thinking about how the player stayed down instead of jumping.

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A passing or reception error occurs when a player fails to pass the ball or continue the play, leading to the serving or attacking team winning the point. Within these two errors, there are two types of errors that are recorded in game statistics: a player error or a team error. A player error occurs when the ball hits the floor, a player makes a bad pass that results in the ball hitting the floor, or if the player makes a ball handling error such as a lift or a double.

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When a direct attack is not possible for whatever reason, poor pass, great dig, the player may not be in a good high percentage place or have the ability or role to attack.

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A dig can result from bringing up a tipped ball, not just a hard-hit attack. A serve reception does not count as a dig. In the situation where a player digs the ball and the next player kills the ball, award the player who dug the ball

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Making Volleyball Statistics Simple Keeping Statistics: Attacks Pitfalls * It is NOT an attack if: * There is a bad set * A player passes ball over the net to keep the ball in play * Freeballs * They’re free, SO DO NOT COUNT THEM AS ANYTHING! * Digs to kills * If a dig flies over the net and drops for a point, it is a dig AND a kill

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One method of digging the ball when a player has little time to react is by using a move called the flipper, when the player dives with an arm outstretched and their palm facing down and makes contact with the top of their hand.